Fires in residences have taken a high toll of life and property. 
In 2012 NFPA reports:
*362,100 residential building fires
*2,380 civilian fire deaths
*12,875 civilian fire injuries
*$7 billion in Property damage

Myths about fire sprinkler systems:
When one sprinkler goes off, all the sprinklers activate. False! Only the sprinkler over the fire will activate.  The heads react to temperatures in each room individually.
Water damage from a sprinkler system will be more extensive than fire damage. False! The sprinkler system will limit a fire’s growth, therefore the damage from a home sprinkler system will be much less severe than the smoke and fire damage if the fire had gone on unabated or even the water damage caused by water from the firefighters hose lines.
Home sprinkler systems are expensive. False! Current estimates suggest that when a home is under construction, a home sprinkler system could cost 1% - 1 1/2% of the total building price. It can also lower insurance rates 5-15 percent.
Residential sprinklers are ugly. False! The traditional, commercial-type sprinklers as well as sprinklers for home use are now being designed to fit in with most any décor.