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Your Fire sprinkler system is the single most important fire protection system you can have.  Fire sprinkler systems respond to fires in seconds, often putting them out completely or at least keeping them down and controlled until the fire department arrives.  There are many different types of fire sprinkler systems available, each one designed to protect a different type of building.  At High Tech Fire Protection, we provide full fire sprinkler installation for any type of fire sprinkler system.

With a reputation for superior performance and dependable products, our vendor and employee relationships enable us to offer top-quality materials for our top-quality team to install at competitive prices.

Our installations teams are scheduled to fit your work flow. Arriving in well stocked fleet trucks, they are always there prepared to get the job done.

Our installers and supervisors have formal and hands-on training of the equipment, codes and standards that are specified for your project, as well as top safety training. Experienced supervisors direct the careful and precise installation and testing of the fire protection devices, equipment and components.

We have a 4000sq ft. in-house fabrication shop that allows us to stock material and pre-fabricate piping for our sprinkler systems, decreasing on-site labor time, and accelerating the overall installation time.  Our in-house fabrication shop also gives us the ability to design and customize any projects to meet any specialized needs and requirements.

No matter how big or how small your project is, call High Tech Fire Protection and our teams will take care of you!


Custom Pipework

Custom Piping

Here are some examples of custom work by our Fabrication shop. Click the more button below for more phots.

Our Fabrication Shop

Fabrication Shop


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