Fire Sprinklers are a critically important part of every fire protection system, but they need regular inspections in order to ensure that they will be able to keep you and your property protected at all times. Our fire sprinkler system inspection process is performed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local code requirements.
Our team of highly knowledgeable inspectors are licensed for the inspection and testing of all water-based fire protection systems.
Our inspectors will thoroughly inspect your system and make recommendations for modifications, repairs or upgrades based on your facility’s needs and the code requirements. Through comprehensive coordination and recordkeeping, our sprinkler inspection team partners with you to help ensure compliance for your fire sprinkler inspections.
“Owning a fire sprinkler system without having it inspected is like owning a car and never changing the oil.” -NFSA

Back Flow Preventers

Backflow preventers will help keep water in the local water mains from going back into the main again, thereby contaminating the line and poisoning the citys water supply. We will ensure that your system is working properly and is compliant with state and local codes. Many water districts require annual testing to all back flow devices.
High Tech Fire has 5 technicians that are trained and certified by New England Water Works to install, test and repair all major brands of Back Flow devices for fire service mains as well as domestic drinking water.


Complete System Inspections

Backflow Testing

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