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High Tech Fire Protection strives to be a top provider of Fire Protection for your life, property and assets.  We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service through organization, personnel and experience.  We firmly believe this is what makes our business successful.
High Tech Fire Protection has over 29 years of experience providing complete Fire Protection services for Business, Industrial & Residential buildings in Maine and parts of New Hampshire.  We continue to be committed to providing the best sales, customized estimating and design, prompt and professional installation, and top quality testing, inspections, and Repairs in all areas we serve. 
We provide all services in-house, which we believe allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality through every aspect of the project.  Our in-house services include estimating and design by our NICET certified teams, pipe fabrication by our certified welder, and ongoing service by our licensed and highly qualified technicians.

View our Burn Demonstrations.

A side by side burn is a demonstration of how long it takes for a room to flash over versus a room with a sprinkler system. There are two rooms setup in identical fashion, except one has a residential sprinkler system and one does not. This fire demonstration is to help people better understand the significant value of a residential sprinkler system.
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